No bad art! Anyone can be an artist! We are constantly learning new things to bring to our guests to explore!


Art 4 Joy is one of a kind! We celebrate our own as our guests individuality and celebrate everyone's unique qualities!


Sip & Paint

Paint Your Own Pottery

Kid's Classes

​Field Trips

In-School Art Programs

Arts & Crafts

Mixed Media

Tie Dying

Fluid Painting (ink/paint)

​Professional Photography


Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and must be personally experienced.


Joy! Have fun, reduce stress, socialize, and get creative without limits! 

About Art 4 Joy

Art 4 Joy is a in STUDIO AND MOBILE  art party business serving Southern Oregon! We want to make creative exploration and expression available and fun to all ages and all skill levels in the community! Art 4 Joy offers paint your own pottery, social painting, kids art camps, special art events, in-school art programs and private parties for all ages. Celebrating special events and through art activities is our specialty! Professional photography services are available to suit all your photo needs from portraits and events to commercial to event/sports/action work. It is Kim Samitore's pleasure to offer community enrichment through the arts. Our company is locally family owned and operated since 2015.

Your experience at Art 4 Joy will be lively and fun, where individual creativity is encouraged! Techniques are taught to help launch your own ideas in your art work and we celebrate how every piece of art differs from another! The music is fun and guests may sing or even dance while they create! We laugh - a lot! We enjoy each others' company! Friends and family are brought closer together and new friendships are formed regularly! This is a safe and encouraging positive place to be for all ages to create art as unique at you are! 


What happens in art class

Stays in art class

Hours:   Monday - Closed

                 Tues/Wed - By Appt/Class

                 Thurs, Fri, Sat - 11am-5pm

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