VIP Membership Savings!

 Looking for a discount on nearly every service we offer? Join our VIP Membership program! A semi-annual membership of just $35 per 6 months will more than pay for itself because (1) you will receive a 15% discount on every Sip & Paint class you purchase tickets too, (2) when you host a private party you will not pay the private parties fees, just the regular class fees and the host is no charge when the minimum paid participant number is met, (3) you may request reserved seating at events, (4) save 10% on select kids events and camps, (5) save 15% on every PYOP visit and (6) receive 1 VIP t-shirt! You can also earn rewards for bringing friends and receive VIP invitations to up-coming art intensives and special events! We are even planning some free events for our VIPs to test out new classes/products or services!


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