VIP Membership Savings!

 Looking for a discount on nearly every service we offer? Join our VIP Membership program! A quarterly membership of just $35 per 4 months will more than pay for itself because (1) you will receive a 15% discount on every Sip & Paint class you purchase tickets to, (2) when you host a private Sip & Paint party you will not pay the private parties fees, just the regular class fees (3) you may request reserved seating at events, (4) save 10% on select kids events and camps, (5) save 15% on every PYOP visit and (6) receive 1 VIP t-shirt! You can also earn rewards for bringing friends and receive VIP invitations to up-coming art intensives and special events! Call Kim at 541-930-7750 or stop by in person to sign up!

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