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Our Teachers

Art 4 Joy is a small female-owned business locally owned and operated by Kim Samitore of Central Point. She takes the lead as Art Director for the studio but has a great support staff! Everyone who officially or unofficially works for Art 4 Joy is passionate about being in the studio and part of the creative process to help others and find some respite for themselves as well. Art 4 Joy is incredibly thankful for all the behind the scenes people that help make things happen and for the amazing clients that have been with us over the years.

kim and her mares 2.jpg
Kim Samitore, Art Director


Kim has been painting and creating art (and crafts) for 35 years, but her other passion is animals! She is a retired professional horseman, now focusing on her own competitions with her two mares. It is also not uncommon for her service dog, Rodeo to be at her side in the studio when she's working behind the scenes or with smaller group parties. Rodeo loves to come to class and is known for his big smile! It is important from the top down inside Art 4 Joy that each member of the team has outside interests they are passionate about so that the painting classes stay fresh and fun!

Kim's favorite medium is acrylic paints, and her favorite painting styles are abstract and abstract impressionism. Her favorite artists are Monet, Pollock, and Warhol. 

Tammy with bow.jpg
Tammy Dyhrmann, Assistant Instructor


Tammy is a naturally creative person having discovered her passion for art during classes at Art 4 Joy. She quickly showed a natural ability for painting and Kim and Tammy became good friends choosing to work together teaching the classes. They are a crazy pair but have so much fun they always share that they don't embarrass easily and will do anything to create a fun atmosphere! You know it's always a party if Kim and Tammy are in the studio!

Tammy is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys kayaking, hiking, and archery. She sees creativity wherever she goes and is inspired by nature. Her photos and POV while outdoors are often inspirations for paintings or techniques used during class.  

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