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The Studio

Magic happens here!

Anyone who walks through the door is magically transformed into an artist! It might be just for an evening or for a lifetime. We are happy to share that we have had plenty of painters come in during the later years of their life with no painting experience and now because of what they experienced inside our walls, they are avid painters and creators! We have also had painters barely old enough to walk start their journey in art right here! We LOVE to inspire others to activate the inner creativity that they never knew they had! 

Art 4 Joy is a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth. We believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to express himself and we want to help you find your artistic voice. Each and every one of our artists has experience in the studio and in the classroom meaning you get not only teachers with great art techniques, but also excellent teaching techniques.


Studio rentals (for arts or events) and educational programs are also available upon request with prior reservation.

Please get in touch today to learn more about our offerings.

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